In our ongoing efforts to source the finest wines from around the world, we’ve come across some of the most passionate estate winemakers who give everything to every bottle they produce. It’s among these small estates that we often find the most fascinating wines – wines which we then bring directly to our restaurant, bar and wine retailing establishment customers.

Our wine buyers find that passion in a winemaker is among the best indicators of the potential in a winery – both for today’s harvest and all those to come. We believe in the ability of a passionate winemaker to constantly outdo themselves and that’s fantastic news for Cellar2Sellers and our customers.

Passionate Estate Wineries Deliver Incredible Values

You can find passionate winemakers and the amazing red and white wines they create on almost every continent and in so many countries it’s hard to believe. Our buyers search all of the following for the best estate wines:

  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • United States
  • South Africa
  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Chile

What Role Does Passion Play In Producing Great Wine?

Like with any pursuit, the more love you have for winemaking the less it will feel like work when you have to do the difficult things. Winemakers with passion don’t avoid the difficulty, they embrace it. They embrace the vagaries of the climate and the soil conditions and they create wondrous wines filled with undeniable passion. It’s evident in every sip you take and it’s the hallmark of the Cellar2Sellers wine list.

Old World or New, it doesn’t matter to us at Cellar2Sellers. We know passionate winemakers exist everywhere grapes are grown. And with that knowledge in hand, we go to find them and bring their creations back to Florida where they fill the tables and shelves of our customers. You’ll find them, the passionate winemakers, every time you open our wine list.

Call (929) 442-8184 or submit a contact form to learn more about the passionate winemakers we source our spectacular wines from and place an order for the wines that catch your eye!