L’Avenir Stellenbosch Provenance Pinotage

The Stellenbosch Provenance Pinotage is the wine that carried the L’Avenir name all around the world. It is an elegant expression of what the Stellenbosch and expert winemakers can do when working in perfect harmony. Is boasts a delicate balance of fruitiness and spice notes with a refined texture that has the capacity to age well.

The L’Avenir Provenance Pinotage is a medium-bodied wine that exhibits all of the characteristics of this uniquely South African varietal. One gets hints of mulberry along with tantalizing pomegranate, plum and black cherry in the finish – a combination much sought after in wine drinking world. This is a ruby red masterpiece that cannot be missed!


Provenance Pinotage 2018 – Tasting Notes (Download) | L’Avenir 2022 BRAND MODEL Michelle (PowerPoint)