How It All Started

The Cellar2Sellers journey began when we realized that not enough of the fantastic wines made around the world were being represented in Florida’s bars, restaurants and wine retailers. We felt that our experience and drive could better the marketplace for wine connoisseurs and wine sellers alike. We’re dedicated to that mission and work every day to bring more great wines to our customers – wines that range in price but never in quality.

Passion for Wine

All of us at Cellar2Sellers are passionate about wine, about the wineries and vineyards we source from and the winemakers – the people – who make it all possible. It’s a passion evident in every interaction with our team.

A World of Wines

Cellar2Sellers searches the world over for the finest reds and whites and delivers them to you so your customers can enjoy the fruits of our winemakers’ labors. So browse our selections for your new favorite today!


Wine is an expression of mankind’s partnership with Nature.


Cellar2Sellers, much like you and your wine loving customers, knows that great wine is not restricted to one place. Incredible winemaking regions exist all over the world and we bring some of their finest to you.


While our selection changes from time to time due to availability, we’ll always have a wide selection of the world’s favorite varietals available to customers shopping for their restaurants, bars or wine retail establishments.


While our pricing may vary depending on varietal, region and availability, you can always count on every bottle we offer to be of the highest quality – produced by estates with proud traditions of winemaking excellence.