South African Estates

South Africa’s Western Cape can make the claim of belonging to both the Old World and the New World when it comes to winemaking. With a rich and distinguished winemaking tradition that stretches back centuries, the Western Cape boasts the most well-known and widely-respected winegrowing regions in South Africa – including the Stellenbosch and, the Paarl, and Hemel-en-Aarde.

South African winemakers have some of the most unique soil and climate combinations in the world to work with and their wines showcase this uniqueness in their characteristics and quality. We think you’ll love all of the South African wines from Cellar2Sellers and the vintners we source from in the Western Cape would agree.

World-Beating Estate Wines from South Africa’s Western Cape

With some of the world’s most impressive scenery – including rugged mountains and beautiful coastlines – South Africa’s Western Cape is a wine paradise filled with passionate winemakers and the world-class varietals they produce year after year. Cellar2Sellers brings the best of these wines to you including the following varietals:

  • South African Sauvignon Blanc
  • South African Chardonnay
  • South African Pinotage
  • South African Cabernet Sauvignon
  • South African Syrah

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Bridging the Old World and the New, South Africa’s Western Cape wineries bring a charm all their own to a wide range of varietals – from Cabernet that ages well to Pinotage that’s ready to drink right now. Reach out to Cellar2Sellers directly for assistance choosing the right Western Cape varietals for you or your customers today. Call (929) 442-8184 or submit a website contact form to get started.